Rapid Deployment Solar Container

Quick to set-up and easy to transport

SustainPower’s rapid deployment container solutions offer the quick installation of a modular, off-grid, solar power system. These mobile systems are ideally suited for remote locations, rural electrification and temporary installations.


  • Solar PV array of 17 kWp to 25 kWp with battery capacity of upto 18 kWh.
  • All components including mounting structure, PV panels, inverters, energy management system and batteries are safely packaged in rugged 20ft container for maximised mobility, protection and durability.
  • Fail-proof manual installation requiring no lifting equipment.
  • Proven, high-quality components from first-class suppliers.
  • PV array mounted above the container at a minimum height of three meters, offering shading for the container and its surroundings.

Technical Specifications:

  • Solar panel array with high quality SolarWorld modules producing from 17 to 33 kWp.
  • SolarWorld SW 350 XL Mono modules, engineered in Germany, come standard with 20-year product and 25-year performance warranties.
  • Light-weight, quick and easy Schletter mounting structure utilising mounting points on top of the container, and optimised ground ballasting.
  • High-efficiency lithium-ion battery system ideally suited for off-grid application ranging from 10 to 100 kWh.
  • Tropicalised container with insulation and air-conditioning (optional).
  • All equipment is safely packaged in a rugged and insulated 20ft container for maximised mobility, protection and durability.

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