Multipurpose Solar Container

Providing electricity and other essential services

SustainPower’s Multipurpose Solar Containers offer a modular and containerised solar powered system, which includes a compartment for multipurpose applications such as water treatment, refrigeration, clinics, storage and office space. 

Various applications

Depending on the applicantion and the power demand, the solar panel array can produce between 17 and 35 kWp per 20ft container. In addition to this,  batteries can be fitted to allow power storage.

The multipurpose container is built with a large compartment to house applications that supply essential services, such as drinking water purification, desalination, water pumps and refrigeration.

These containerised, rugged, easy-to-ship units are ideally suited for remote locations, rural clinics, temporary workshops and disaster relief activities. They can be fitted with insulation and optional air-conditioning.

Multipurpose solutions are custom designed and built to meet customer requirements.

Technical Specifications:

  • Solar panel array with high quality SolarWorld modules producing from 17 to 33 kWp.
  • SolarWorld SW 350 XL Mono modules, engineered in Germany, come standard with 20-year product and 25-year performance warranties.
  • Light-weight, quick and easy Schletter mounting structure utilising mounting points on top of the container, and optimised ground ballasting.
  • High-efficiency lithium-ion battery system ideally suited for off-grid application ranging from 10 to 100 kWh.
  • Tropicalised container with insulation and air-conditioning (optional).

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