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Containerised Gas CHP’s

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation

Also known as cogeneration, CHPs offer a highly efficient power generation process which utilises close to 90% of the energy contained in a gaseous fuel. The high efficiency is reached by harvesting the mechanical energy from the generator and the thermal energy from the combustion process.


  • Rugged, containerised CHPs for maximised mobility, protection, and durability.
  • Proven, high-quality components from international and local suppliers designed, engineered and assembled in South Africa.
  • Electrical power output from 100 kW to 550 kW per 20ft container unit.
  • Engine cooling and heat recovery system, including exhaust heat exchanger, installed on separate 20 foot frame for convenient transport.
  • SustainPower offers equipment rental and rent-to-own financing options.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rugged product design for maximised mobility, protection and durability.
  • CHP configurations available for natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, or LPG.
  • MAN gas engines power output from 100 kW to 550 kW in a 20ft container.
  • Market-leading MOTORTECH CHP management system.
  • Engine cooling and heat recovery system installed on top of CHP container.
  • Standard 24-month product warranty on the engine, and 12-month product warranty on remaining package items.
  • Rent-to-own financing options available.

Optional Features:

  • 40ft container option with two engines per container for up to 1100 kW.
  • CHP with additional exhaust gas heat exchanger for maximum heat recovery and / or steam supply.
  • Sound attenuation and container fit-out per customer requirements.
  • Turnkey solutions including gas treatment.
  • Operations and Maintenance option including Lifecycle Service Plan.
  • Complete project financing available.

CHP System Layout

CHP System Layout

In 2017, SustainPower delivered a 220 kW biogas CHP to an abattoir in South Africa where organic waste is now turned into electricity and hot water.

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