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SustainPower’s battery back-up solutions cover single phase 3 kW, 5 kW and three phase 10 kW. This range of hybrid inverter is designed for home electricity resilience through load-shedding protection, back-up power supply, PV self-consumption, and off-grid solutions.


The SustainPower team is a pleasure to work with. They are clearly experts in power generation and know the importance of customer service. I have full confidence that if anything does go wrong in the future, they will be by my side to resolve it with a sense of urgency.

Virginia Povall, Sugarbird Manor

It has been a breeze working with the SustainPower team. Now when the lights go out, the generator turns them on automatically. It’s made a huge difference to our ability to operate without interruptions.

Steven Hackner, General Manager, The Test Kitchen

Thank you for an amazing service. The generator was installed in a very professional and neat way. The best thing,… it really works. No more worries about load-shedding!

Sven Wechsung, Hout Bay Home Owner

SustainPower’s Battery Back-up Systems

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Energy storage systems that make your life easier

SustainPower’s battery back-up solutions are ideal for apartments, home offices, and small to medium size houses. The slick and modular configuration of the single phase 3 kW, 5 kW and three phase 10 kW systems allow for a variety of household applications.

Advanced lithium-ion battery storage systems, controlled by EMS and Alpha Cloud with cutting edge algorithm to improve battery lifetime and efficiency.
Certified by international authorities, AlphaESS products are well recognized with outstanding product safety and reliability. Alpha Cloud enables intelligent fleet management and monitors every system performance 24/7.
AlphaESS provides customized energy storage solutions for on-grid, off-grid and micro-grid applications at both residential and industrial & commercial levels, which helps customers to achieve energy independence and environmental responsibilities.

What is a battery backup system and how does it work?

A battery backup solution is an electrical modular system composed of an inverter, one or more battery modules and logger device for remote access and monitoring. When the grid power supply is available, the batteries will be charged via the inverter.

Should a power failure occur, the inverter will automatically switch over and supplies your home or business with the energy stored in the batteries. The switchover happens within split seconds without any human intervention. Once the grid power supply comes back on, the batteries will return to charging mode, ready for the next cycle.

Get 24/7 Power Protection.

Call +27 21 204 1881, WhatsApp +27 72 373 3523 or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch with you.

Get 24/7 Power Protection.

Call +27 21 204 1881, WhatsApp +27 72 373 3523 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch with you.

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